Hey! Mary, Feeling Like The Boss.

Wake up early morning, feeling like
the boss, hey! The alarm, don’t rush to take your bath, your breakfast, looking for the car keys gushhhhhhh…… after all you are the boss, take it nice and slowly, hey I got it, walk,
majestically to the car, oh no traffic mmmmmm mmmmmm, no body gonna questions me, ye I need some coffee but…… it 8:30 am, am late but am gonna have my coffee. Just remember having meeting with the board of directors. You are blocking me, you didn’t pack right, what am my going to do, gush….. It 9:am already oh! the meeting….. Dammmm. Arrived in the office 10:am.Out of anxiety I lost my balance, everybody is starring at me .In my mind why, close your eyes am the boss you don’t have to look at me, are they laughing at me, no they can’t am the boss gonna sack you all, after all am the boss. The meeting I can’t go in like this cuss I look rough and dirty,they are leaving why? They can’t leave I have not given my own directive speech oh no… please wait I know I massed up but……….. A…… M…. The Boss, oh….. They are board of directors, they can’t always be at my back and call. the alarm it 7:30 am, Am late for work…………. My Boss. Lol so good to be the boss in your dream.


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