Hey! Mary. What A Lazy Day!!!

cropped-wpid-img_20150725_180916_5251.jpgThe sun set in the morning as usual with a beautiful bright sunny ray reflecting on the window. I went straight to the opened it to get some fresh air. Too tired to do anything, I took some biscuits and started munching it, I have already eaten four pieces before I remember, that I hadn’t brush my teeth. Lol, hey!!! Don’t cast me yet, it can happen to anybody. Remember those morning, when you feel so tired and don’t want to do anything. Well is a bypass. I took the flask, poured the hot water into the tea cup, took 3bags of green tea. Hush!!!, that was unusual of me, normally I only take one, whenever I want to drink tea.

I sat on the couch sipping my tea, I was supposed to do some Laundry yesterday, but because of some personal issues, I wasn’t be able to do it. Hoped to do it the next day…. Mmmmmm mmmmmm still on the laundry, how am i going to wash all these clothes? I asked myself. What a lazy day for me. I tried to pick just few since I was too tired to do anything, I picked just 5 clothes. I dashed to the bathroom soak them in the bucket. I was about to start washing it, when the phone rang. I rushed to answer the call. Hello…….. My!!! my!!! After about 15 minutes of conversations. I remembered that I have appointment at the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Academy. Confused!!!, I don’t know what to do.

I went straight to my room looking bewildered,I look at my bed gush………… It was rough and look undressed, thinking of how to start   arranging it. I thought of all my activities of the day, the laundry,the appointment and………. The room. I was sluggishly I went straight to the bed and slept off.

My phone rang it was my friend reminding me of the dinner and award night, which I was nominated in two categories, most sophisticated and most influential. I look at the time it was 2pm. Oh!!! my goodness. I remember the laundry and my appointment that was scheduled for 2:pm,gush….As For the laundry it can wait for all eternity, lol….. My appointment I can’t make it today again. I picked up my phone called and apologised hopefully they would fix another day for me. Mmmmmm truly what a lazy day.

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