Sex And Maturity


I was reading a newspaper when I saw something that captivated my interest.
Out of anxiety I shouted his name now (asshole) he should come and see, at first he pretended as if he wasn’t the one I was calling. I called again, but he didn’t answer, I stood up to meet him he was sitting on the bed, I sat beside him trying to get a eyes to eyes contact with him, but he keep on turning his  face to the other  side. That is when I knew something was wrong. At the same time I was too scare to ask. I said to myself let me try something romantic to get his attention, but to my surprised he shouted at me started calling me names…….. The next thing I heard from him……  IS  Over Between Us…  Just like that, yes since you refused to allow me to make love to you. Hash…… Sex! This relationship is not up to a month why are you emphasising more on sex., is it all about s…… X. Please give me some time.
You are immature, you have a childish behaviour. Is over. Mmmmmmmm………. Pls Tell me, is there anything wrong to ask for some time  before sex? Mmmmmm since is all about sex  i gonna take my leave.


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